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Mike Poland Releases Position Paper:
Synthetic Turf is not the Question so let’s RECONSTRUCT the Question

While the question has come to the Board as “Should we install Synthetic Turf on one existing field at all four High Schools?”, I believe it is not the question to be asked. As has been presented to the Board in previous information, we need to look at the field space as outdoor classroom space. Just as we have looked at adding indoor facilities to handle the increased student load, we also must address the needed outdoor classroom space. This is the issue to which we should be directing our attention. The 6/9 Reconfiguration vote obligated us to provide sufficient classroom space (indoor and outdoor) in the High Schools to provide for the increased numbers due to moving the Freshman up to the High School. Synthetic Turf was never included in any discussions of the 6/9 Reconfiguration with the voters. If it had ever been part of the original plan, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now. Instead we would be reviewing and approving Bids for installation of Synthetic Turf.

You can read the rest of the position paper by clicking here.

Refined by Fire
A note to Olathe School District members from Board Member Mike Poland:

Dear Parents & Taxpayers,

When I first decided to run for the School Board back in 2005, I made the following notes to myself:

Reason for Running: Olathe Schools have been an integral part of our life as we have raised our children. They have received an excellent education and it is my desire to see that we maintain that excellence into the future. We have benefited greatly from our outstanding schools and I now feel it is time to give back to the community from which I have received so much.

Top Priorities:

  • Responsible planning for the future growth
  • Funding
  • Achieving goals of No Child Left Behind mandate
  • Responsible use of taxpayer’s money

    After four years of being tested and refined by fire, it has become clear to me that our Schools are a major battleground for the future of our great nation. Our children are our future and there are many forces and interests trying to influence that future. Olathe’s schools are nationally recognized as among the best in the nation, a recognition of which we should be proud. Along with our success will come outside influences wishing to use our children as trophies for their cause. Our responsibility as a community is to build the educational foundation for our children which gives them the ability to question everything, think for themselves, challenge all thoughts and reach logical conclusions for themselves. We should desire to develop independent thinkers and not pawns to any institution. Parents MUST assume their God-given responsibility to love, nurture and develop their children. Our schools are servants to us parents, not the primary party responsible for raising our children.

    I appreciate the opportunity to serve the families and the children of our community. Please feel free to communicate with me on any matter that is important to you. Share your concerns but also share those incidents involving our students, parents and/or District employees that deserve a “high-five”. We have many unrecognized individuals that we take for granted because they always “just do the right thing”. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mike Poland